School District of Bloomer

Each school year the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requires that schools hold a minimum of 1050 hours of instruction for grades K-6 and 1137 hours of instruction for grades 7-12. Each year, the School District of Bloomer plans for cancellations due to inclement weather by building additional instructional hours into the calendar.  With that being said, this year we have had more cancellations than normal and due to today’s (2/23/23) cancellation are now short of instructional hours.  Accordingly, we have made the following adjustment to the school calendar.

Monday, April 10th, which is currently scheduled as a vacation day, will now be a school day.  We understand that some families may already have plans for April 10th which cannot be changed.  In these instances, we ask that you please notify your children’s school in advance of the absences.

In the event that we have additional cancellations this school year they will be made up at the end of the year and further communication will be provided at that time.


Brian Misfeldt