In order to ensure the safety of our students and staff, the School District of Bloomer will follow the following procedure when students show symptoms of illness at school. 

When a student demonstrates any potential symptoms of COVID-19, as listed below, the student and anyone else in that household (from any building) will be sent home.

These symptoms include:

ONE of fever (100.4 or higher), cough, diarrhea, or vomiting


TWO or more of chills, headache, muscle pain, nausea, new loss of taste or smell, shivering, sore throat, runny nose, unusual fatigue

When your student is exhibiting symptoms we encourage you to contact your physician to determine if a COVID test is recommended.

In order to return to school students must:

  • Receive and provide documentation of clearance from a physician 


  • Have a documented COVID negative test and be symptom free for 24 hours without medication


  • Wait ten calendar days and be symptom free for 24 hours without medication

By following these procedures, we are hope to keep our schools open to in-person instruction Thank you in advance for your understanding and support in this endeavor.