Bloomer Virtual Learning Option

General Overview

Due to the possible health and safety concerns that parents might have about sending their children back to in-person schooling during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, the School District of Bloomer is developing a temporary virtual learning option. This is a short-term solution that will support students in receiving a quality virtual learning experience in the required content areas. Choosing the virtual learning option for the 2020-21 school year is an important and possibly difficult decision. Please read on for more information that may help in that decision.

Is the BSD temporary virtual learning option right for my child?

Virtual learning is a challenging option for most K-12 students under any circumstance. Success in a virtual learning environment requires a significant amount of independence and motivation on the part of the student as well as a good deal of support and encouragement on the part of the parents/guardians. The decision whether or not to choose the virtual learning option is a personal one and should be made with health and safety as the primary considerations.

Health and safety are a significant concern for me, but I still need more details to help with my decision. 

While some of the details of the virtual learning option are still being finalized, the information below should help with a decision.

  • The District will use an online learning platform as main tool for instruction.
  • Courses provided will be fully virtual and aligned to the same standards that are used in District classes.
  • Each student will have a teacher assigned to them who will serve as their primary contact.
  • The teacher role moves from one of direct instruction to facilitation of the student’s progress in the virtual platform. Teacher support will be available, but most of the learning will occur independently through the virtual platform.
  • In grades K-4 courses or learning activities will be focused on the core areas of English (ELA) and Math, with the possibility of adding Science and Social Studies.
  • In grades 5-8 courses or learning activities will be focused on the core areas of English (ELA), Math, Science and Social Studies
  • In grades 9 -12 courses will be assigned to align with the students existing high school schedule.
  • Daily engagement and progress will be required and will be monitored in a similar manner as regular in-person learning.
  • Students and parents will be required to take part in weekly meetings with their assigned virtual learning teacher.
  • Students will have access to a district-issued Chromebook or iPad if needed.
  • The virtual learning option will put more responsibility on the students - they will need to be more organized, independent and engaged.
  • The virtual learning option will put more responsibility on the parents/guardians - they will need to set firm, but reasonable expectations for learning and be available for support.
  • Because the pacing of learning in the virtual learning option will be very individualized, movement between this option and the in-person model will be difficult and discouraged.
    • Families will be asked to commit to the virtual learning option for a full trimester and after enrolling in the virtual option, will not be able to move to in-person instruction until the next trimester with the exception of extraordinary situations
    • Likewise, families who elect to take part in in-person learning will not be able to switch to the virtual learning option after the dates listed below.


Enrolment Deadline


October 2, 2020


January 8, 2021


April 16, 2021


Click here to Register your child(ren) for the temporary virtual learning option.  Please note you must complete this form individually for each student you are registering for the virtual learning option.  In order to start virtual learning the week of September 1st, you must register no later than August 23rd, 2020.  After registering you will receive an email the week of August 24th with more information. Registrations received after August 23rd may have a temporary delay in beginning their virtual learning while students are being enrolled in the system.