Good morning. Please keep this email for your reference for excusing your student during the school year. In high school, you can excuse your student three ways: 

1) A voicemail on the attendance line: 715-568-2800-press 2 for the high school and 1 for the attendance line. Due to Covid-19, please always leave the symptoms your student is experiencing if you are excusing them to due to illness. Thank you.

2) Email Mrs. Schultz excusing your student

3) Enter an absence request in Skyward. (Attendance, Absence Requests, Add Request-choose Start Date and End Date, Time-uncheck All Day to choose times absent, leave All Day checked for all day absence, Reason, Comment-provide any details needed for the office. Choose Copy Absence to an additional student, if needed) Save.

Parents can excuse their students up to 10 times in Wisconsin during a school year without a medical excuse for their absence. Any appointments that we do not receive a doctor or dentist note excusing the absence will count as one of those 10 absences. Please view the Student Handbook here for more questions you might have on high school attendance policies. Thank you.

For any questions regarding Covid-19, your best resource is our school district's nurse, Julia Fossum. You can contact her at x2004 or