School District of Bloomer – Strategic Plan

2015 – 2020

Strategy 1

We will ensure all students’ progress is measured by district-wide content and/or grade-level assessments of performance indicators (learning targets).


Result 1 – Student academic performance data will show improved achievement.

  1. Develop content and/or grade-level benchmarks and assessments (Ongoing to 2020)
  2. Complete curriculum accessibility through the use of BYOC (Build Your Own Curriculum)(Spring 2017)
  3. Develop and implement a comprehensive curriculum renewal cycle (Fall 2015)
  4. Develop and implement Academic and Career Plan (ACP) process (Spring 2017)


Strategy 2

We will develop and design safe, clean and welcoming environments that include technology infrastructure which is adaptable to the evolving curriculum and instructional needs of students, staff and the community.

Result 1 – Infrastructure will be capable of increased demands for 21st Century learning expectations.

  1. Provide comprehensive, integrated wireless access (Spring 2016)
  2. Expand computer access and availability for every student and employee (Fall 2018)


Result 2 – District facilities will meet community and 21st Century educational expectations.


  1. Design a new Bloomer High School campus, consistent with Master Plan (Spring 2019)
  2. Examine the space needs at Bloomer Middle School to address growing population and make recommendations to Board of Education (Spring 2019)
  3. Improve attractiveness of all campuses (Ongoing to 2020)


Strategy 3

We will build upon parental and community partnerships through effective communication within the school district and community.


Result 1 – Communication will be improved and partnerships enhanced.

  1. Research and utilize varied forms of outreach (news, social media, etc.) (Ongoing to 2020)
  2. Expand career and technical partnerships (Ongoing to 2020)
  3. Explore and expand county-wide resources (Ongoing to 2020)


Strategy 4

We will recruit, retain, train and evaluate the highest quality employees and maximize their effectiveness.


Result 1 – High-quality staff will engage in a collaborative learning culture and foster positive relationships.

  1. Utilize recruitment tools to attract high-quality personnel (Ongoing to 2020)
  2. Provide quality professional development for all employees (Ongoing to 2020)
  3. Utilize Educator Effectiveness Model to improve instruction and maximize student learning (Ongoing to 2020)
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