District Policies

Board Policies Series Description
100: Board Operations This series concerns policies and Board of Education bylaws which govern the organization and operation of the Board of Education.
200: Administration This series concerns administrative positions, procedures, and records the Board's actions in activating all administrative and supervisory positions by law.
300: Instruction This series concerns policies governing the District's educational process. Policies around district curriculum and instructional arrangements to assist teachers and students to learn are in this section.
400: Students This series concerns policies related to students including entrance, attendance, graduation, and general student welfare.
500: Personnel
This series concerns personnel administration, selection of personnel, assignments and other related policies.
600: Fiscal Management This series concerns policies regarding revenues, expenditures, and fund management.
700: Support Services This series concerns policies regarding budgeting, business operations, food service, transportation, safety, maintenance and operations, and accounting.
800: School-Community Relations This series concerns community usage of buildings, access to records, and complaint resolution. (Under Construction)
900: Facilities Development This series concerns information about the retirement of facilities.


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