Fund 80


The School District of Bloomer has established a Fund 80 for the purposes of supporting community events and middle school athletics. The allocations set forth in Fund 80 receive annual approval at the District Annual Meeting. All compliance with Fund 80 regulations are followed.


For more information about Fund 80 please see the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction webpage under the School Finance area. If you have questions about the Fund 80 policy, you can also feel free to contact the District Administrator office at 715-568-2800 for additional information.


District: Bloomer  (0497)

Contact: Dr. Mary Randall


Phone: 715-568-2800

Common School District - Annual Meeting Date:  26-October-2015

Unified School District - Date of levy was set for 2015-2016: 26-Oct. 2015

Will the district have a Community Programs and Service Fund (Fund 80) for the 2015-2016 fiscal year:  YES

The purpose and dollar amount for all planned expenditures from the district's Fund 80 for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

1.  Middle School Community Athletic Program

2.  Open Weight Room to Public

Please explain how the district's planned expenditures in Fund 80, described above, meet the Department of Public Instruction's Criteria for use of Community Service Funds?

The School District of Bloomer provides athletic programs for all middle school children in the district. In addition, the weight room at the high school is open to all community members every morning, Monday through Friday all year around.

For detailed financials go to and look under reports.

The revenue and dollar amount that for the district's Fund 80 total planned revenue.

Levy (Property Tax)                                 $23,000

User Fees                                                   $3,800

Other Revenue                                                  $0

Fund Balance                                                   $0


Fund 80 Revenue (all sources)               $26,800

Expenses for Fund 80                             $26,800

Fund 80 Levy                                           $23,000

Year of most recent prior Fund 80 Levy    2015

Most recent Fund 80 Levy                      $23,000

For more information on Fund 80, please contact the District Office or see the information on the DPI webpage under Community Service Fund.



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