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Why Businesses Need To Support Character Education in Schools

When you hire entry-level employees, which is more important to you and your company – high grades in school or high reliability? Do you want someone who knows calculus, or someone you can count on?

Your personnel director will tell you that the key predictors of an employee’s job success and retention are character traits, not levels of knowledge. If you can find potential employees who are honest, dependable, cooperative, and responsible you can teach them the job!

Where do young people learn these traits of good character? Primarily in the home, but not always. The School District of Bloomer is adopting character education into their curriculum, focusing on traits everyone values in people – truthfulness, respect, perseverance, responsibility, following through on tasks, and getting along with others.

Are these traits you want in your employees?

How character applies in the workplace:

Honesty – Employee can be trusted

Reliability – Attendance and work quality can be counted on

Respect – Cooperation and good communication benefits all

Self-Discipline – Distractions are at a minimum

Perseverance – Job completion is assured

Resourcefulness – Problem-solving at primary levels

Caring – Support for co-workers, strength of team

Patience – Work is done thoroughly

Loyalty – Employees feel emotionally connected

Integrity – Moral behavior applies in all areas    

Creativity – Innovation is born often

Goal Setting – Greater achievement is sought

Citizenship – Community-oriented thinking

Imagine what employees of good character can do for your business environment. Imagine working in a company where employees trust, respect, and care about each other. Where ethical behavior is encouraged and hundreds of daily decisions are made based on what is right and fair. You would have to turn people away who want to work for you! How can you create a pool of employees with these traits? By investing in character education in our schools.

Good character is good for business. Reputation is everything in business and the financial benefit of being known as an ethical, responsible, caring company is incalculable. Investing in character education in schools pays BIG rewards for your company. Be one of the leaders in the Bloomer District community who supports character education in the school system and support “The Blackhawk Way”.

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