800 Series Policies

School-Community Relations Goals

810      School-Community Relations Goals

811      Family and Community Involvement


Public Information

822      News Media Relations

822      RULE News Media Relations Guidelines

823      Access to Public Records

823      EXHIBIT (1) Notice to Public Access to Public Records

823      EXHIBIT (2) Notice to Employees Legal Custodian of Records

823      EXHIBIT (3) Records Request

823      RULE Access to Public Records Procedures

830      Community use of School Facilities

830      EXHIBIT Facilities Use Form

830      RULE Facilities Use Guidelines

831      Tobacco Use on School Premises

832      Weapons

832      EXHIBIT Permission to Bring Weapon to School

833      Alcohol and Drugs on School Premises


Public Gifts to Schools

840      Public Gifts to the Schools


Public Solicitations

851      Advertising in the Schools

851      RULE Advertising Guidelines

852      Distribution of Non-School Sponsored Materials


Visitors in the Schools

860      Visitors to the Schools (including presence on school property)

871      Public Complaints about Curricular Materials

871      RULE Public Complaints about Curriculum

871      EXHIBIT (1) Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Material

871      EXHIBIT (2) Checklist for Advisory Committee-Reconsideration of Materials

872      Public Complaints Procedures

872      EXHIBIT Public Complaint Form


Relations with Community and Government Organizations

880      Relations with Community and Governmental Organizations

881      Relations with Community Organizations

881.3   Relations with Churches

882      Relations with Police Authorities

890      Cooperative Educational Programs

892      Student Teachers and Interns


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