Elementary Guidance Program

Elementary Guidance Program

K-5 Guidance Counselor: Jenny (Kramschuster) Tarnowski
Email: jenny.tarnowski@bloomer.k12.wi.us


As students progress through life and our school system, they face various kinds of challenges and problems. At the elementary school level, children receive one of their first contacts with different concepts and skills; such as friendships, responsibility, self-management, and communication that will be essential to their future social, education, and adult lives. The in-classroom guidance activities in grades K-5 are developmentally-based around the above listed life skills. The lessons are designed to help students develop tolerance/acceptance of others, recognizing feelings, positive self-esteem, and citizenship. Specific areas to be covered include: teasing, peer pressure, self-esteem, decision-making, sportsmanship, working together, conflict resolution, feelings, families, respect, differences among people, personal safety, and other important/relevant areas. Individual counseling is for any student having difficulty in a specific area. This one-on-one interaction provides the child an opportunity to understand and talk about their problem in a non-threatening atmosphere. Please feel free to refer your student if you feel they would benefit from this service. Small groups are also a part of the guidance program. These groups center on anger management/ conflict resolution, social skills/friendships, family change (divorce, moving, adoption, etc.) and grief support. The Big Buddy and Community Mentor Program are also run through Jenny and the guidance office.


About the Guidance Counselor



Jenny Tarnowski is fondly known as "Mrs. T." to the students at the Bloomer Elementary and thoroughly enjoys being a part of the faculty at her old alma mater and getting the opportunity to work with such incredible children! Mrs. T's philosophy as a guidance counselor includes being a partner with teachers, administrators, parents, and the community to facilitate the emotional and developmental growth of our children. She maintains an open door policy and encourages visitors. Please feel free to contact her at 568-2800 ext. 1005 or via e-mail with any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions.

"Savor the moments...your child will travel this path just once..."


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